Author Topic: More UK Gong Camp News SHAMANIC and RITUAL USE OF THE GONG July 11th-17th 2016  (Read 1155 times)

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SHAMANIC and RITUAL USE OF THE GONG: Will be explored at the UK Gong Camp at Emerson College, Sussex this coming July. Within indigenous cultures of the East, the Gong appears in everything from exorcisms, birth and death rituals, sickness curing liturgies, appeasing spirits, chasing away the Moon during an eclipse, and more. Ceremonial use extends from the Krishnanattam dance drama in India, to the Tea Ceremony in Japan. These are just some of the points under investigation and examination during our evening sessions at the Gong Camp. These evening power-point presentations are meant to ‘round out’ the general knowledge base of the Gong student, and to further their awareness of the important employment of the Gong within worldwide conventions. The West has taken a sound tool from the East, and in this process has lost many of the purposes and spiritual values of the instrument. This information is a necessary contribution to the education of a serious Gong student, and allows them to be perfumed by the rich heritage of the Gong. These components bestow a deeper knowledge base, and allow the serious student to go beyond what is absent in most Gong training's. Please join us this July 11th to 17th for a Gong experience like no other, to register, follow this link:
For more information, follow this link: or this link:…/july-11-17-2016-united-kingdom-gong-…
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